RESTORATIVE YOGA IRELAND - Relax & Renew® Restorative Mindful Yoga, the art of undoing.
Yoga Nidra
A systematic guided  form of meditative self inquiry that induces a profound relaxing effect on the body & mind.  As the breath becomes quiet, mind & body slip into a rhythm of deep, healing rest.  In Yoga Nidra  you simply allow the directions to wash over you, the more effortless the better.  Yoga Nidra induces the Parasympathetic nervous system  - our relaxation response, the body's own healing state, where rejuvenation and revitalisation occurs.  The practice can help stress, invites clarity of insight, promote emotional and physical healing. Yoga Nidra can help to transform our core negative beliefs, releasing deeply rooted habitual patterns that keep us from reaching our true potential, thus improving our health, happiness and open to self-awakening..  

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