RESTORATIVE YOGA IRELAND - Relax & Renew® Restorative Mindful Yoga, the art of undoing.
Relax & Renew Workshops 2019
   Also available for personal instruction on a 1 to 1 basis  :)

Jan 27th                                            YogaZone Carrigaline from 6-8pm
Feb 3rd                                              Douglas Yoga Rooms Cork from 6-8pm
Feb 10th                                            YogaLoft Cork from 6 - 8pm
Feb 17th                                             YogaZone Carrigaline from 6-8pm
Mar 3rd                                             Douglas Yoga Rooms Cork from 6-8pm
Mar 10th                                           YogaLoft Cork from 6 - 8pm
Mar 24th                                          YogaZone Carrigaline from 6-8pm
Apr 7th                                              Douglas Yoga Rooms Cork from 6-8pm
Apr 14th                                            YogaLoft Cork from 6 - 8pm
Apr 28th                                            YogaZone Carrigaline from 6-8pm
May 12th                                            Douglas Yoga Rooms Cork from 6-8pm
May 19th                                           YogaLoft Cork from 6 - 8pm
May 26th                                          YogaZone Carrigaline from 6-8pm
Jun 9th                                              Douglas Yoga Rooms Cork from 6-8pm
Jun 23rd                                            YogaLoft Cork from 6 - 8pm
Jun 26th                                            YogaZone Carrigaline from 6-8pm

Weekly Classes in Kinsale Yoga Centre
Prenatal Yoga                                                                          Mon  6.40pm 
(Preparation for Birth)
Yoga for Wellbeing                                                                 Mon  8.00pm 
(Slow Flow with using Yoga Therapy to benefit lifestyle)
Yoga For Wellbeing                                                                Wed  6.40-7.50pm 
 (Slow Flow with using Yoga Therapy to benefit lifestyle)
Gentle Therapeutic Yoga & Meditation                          Wed  8.00pm    
(Focus on full range of motion & relaxing meditation)

What to Wear? a question I am regularly asked, I suggest comfortable clothing that allows freedom of movement - I happily recommend Asquith Clothing a beautiful ethical clothing brand that is tactile, practical, hard wearing & beautiful colours. As ambassador I can offer students option to receive a 20% discount when ordering from their website using code 
Judith Hanson Lasater  - One of the foremost Teachers & expert in Restorative Yoga with whom I trained.

Adapted Yoga Increasing proprioception study on benefits of adapted yoga on visually impaired children.

Health Benefits of Restorative Yoga some Yoga’s stress-reduction benefits are well-known. Now, a study funded by the NIH finds that restorative yoga burns subcutaneous fat in overweight women.
Yin Yoga Scientific benefits of Yin Yoga

Pre-Natal Yoga how this practice can help during pregnancy

Food for Living - Lucy Hyland nutritional therapist and chef
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